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Writing on the paper
Scribbles incoherent
A poem of sorts…
I think!
What does it mean?
Is it English?
Or French?
Or Pig Latin?
I’m not sure.
Can’t make heads
nor tails
of it.
Just jibberish
if you ask me.
Wait! I think
it’s this poem!
Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd
February 8, 2012

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Door Hinge Squeezed Oranges

This was one of those poems that I wrote just to be silly. It is actually inspired by the signature orange drink of the same name that is sold at Teeny’s Diner in my The Adventures of Flame Gurl series. The drink is based on the idea that orange doesn’t officially rhyme with anything. The character Teeny is a little bit nuts, and seems to think that this idea is nonsense, hence the drink name. I felt it was just screaming to have a poem written about it because, well, who’s ever heard of “Door Hinge Squeezed Oranges”? This poem is quoted at the end of “The Oranges Strike Back”, the fifth book in the series. Links to the books are in the sidebar if you would like to know more. So, here it is, enjoy!

Door Hinge Squeezed Oranges

Orange is an
odd word.
When you say
are you talking
about the fruit
or the colour?
What would you call
an orange if
it was another colour?
Would it still taste
like an orange?
If it were
the colour green,
would you be eating
a Green?
What does green
taste like, anyway?
Orange doesn’t rhyme
with anything, either.
Well, maybe
door hinge,
but that’s
pushing it.
Anyway, I guess this
concludes my
meandering about
If you’ll excuse me,
I’m going to have
a pineapple.

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