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Let the Lord be your Oasis in the desert.


Be my Oasis, Lord.
Satisfy my thirst.
Fill me up
to overflowing.

My journey through
the desert
has been long
and tiring.
I am dry.
I want to
rest in You –
in the shelter of Your
wings, in the
of Your hand.

I long for
living waters.
I know that
they will satisfy
every ounce
of my being.

Restore my life,
cleanse me,
make me pure.
Make me more
like You.
I need You
to be
my Oasis
Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

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The Chasm

Have you ever felt like you are in a chasm? There is hope!

The Chasm

You continue
to cling to your
lost hope.
You’re in
a snare that
is getting much
more painful.

You wander aimlessly
to find a
bigger shovel
to make
a larger
chasm of broken
hopes and dreams.

You begin to realise
that you are the reaper
of your sins harvest.
You’ve chosen
the road
that seems easiest
to follow,
yet, your heart isn’t in
it anymore.

The hike is
too monotonous…
still, you keep going.
Is there an easier way?

Look to the Guide
for direction
and hope.
He’ll pull you out
of your pit of
and direct
your path.
He’ll free you
from that
painful snare.
His love is
deeper than
the chasm
you’ve made.
In fact,
He’ll fill it with
love, joy, and peace.
It will be
as if that chasm
never existed.
Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

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