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The Wild Goose Takes Flight

In the Book of Kells, the Wild Goose represents the Holy Spirit. In this poem, visualise that Wild Goose soaring over beautiful Ireland and marvel at what makes Ireland so beautiful in the first place. Visualise that you are soaring with that Wild Goose… how incredibly amazing!

The Wild Goose Takes Flight

Tranquility has
filled the air
as the
sun rises
and sapphire looks
down upon
the Emerald Isle.

Waves crash up against
the shoreline
like cymbals
with mighty force.
They embrace Erin’s
sea walls
and cliffs,
shaping her
with saltiness
you can almost

Rolling verdant is
seen beyond
the brilliance
of the Isle’s
as the air
fills with
the smell of

Glens are dotted
with new life and growth
arriving to greet
the world with
wide eyes
full of

Birds, only known
to the Isle,
sing songs – only
known to them and
their Creator.
The vocalise joyous
lyrics of rapture.

Trees stroke
a breeze,
to the rhythm of
the North,
South, East, and West
blissful to just
be alive in Erin.

The sky now
shows that
it is dusk.
Night will be visiting
Ireland soon.

A lemonade sunset
has some to meet
the island of green.

The setting sun
kissed the Emerald Isle

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