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The Gatekeeper

The inspiration for this poem came when a guest speaker came to speak at our Young Adults group at my church. He was talking about how we are gatekeepers of our heart and we are the ones who initially control who or what it is that we allow to penetrate our heart and come through our gates. We always seemed to say “The devil made me do it”, but did it ever occur to us to take responsibility for our own actions?

The Gatekeeper

why do you allow
such horrible things
to enter through
your gate?

Don’t you have a
sign for intruders
that says, KEEP OUT?
Return to Sender,
you want to write
on unwanted packages
you sign for
them anyway.

Is your gate really
or are you
on the job?

The iron bars
around your
gate aren’t
strong enough
to withstand
all that
might try
to break
it down.

Your gate
a firm foundation
to plant
itself into
or it will
the pressure.

Are you listening
You life is at stake.

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