The Desert

The Desert

Dry wilderness.
Barren land.
Dusty road.
Endless dunes.
Weak and thirsty.
Tired and scared.

Trekking on.
Trekking forward.
Into unknown territory.
Aimlessly wondering.

There’s struggle ahead
through the storm.

Stinging eyes.
Gasping for air.

Reaching for hope
is far away-
unless you let it rain.

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2 thoughts on “The Desert

  1. The feeling of being lost is so much like being in a desert as you so well capture in your poem.

    • Thank you! When I wrote this I was thinking about how we tend to wander around in the wilderness and get lost and confused about something in our lives when we don’t ask for help. We need to learn to stop and ask for help from others, and of course, Christ, and quit being so stubborn. We need to get out of our deserts and ask for rain!

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